Sunday, September 12, 2010

technicolor castle & pink champange cake

I have many memories of childhood enchantment with the Madonna Inn. I grew up in the Ozarks of MO but both my parents are from San Luis Obispo area & when we would go to visit my grandparents I would always beg to stop at the Madonna Inn. In those days you only heard rumors of the wonderment of each room with their different themes & with what little descriptions I got my imagination would run wild. I thought it was the most magical place I'd ever seen.

My father had worked there when he was in high school & was fired for dropping a tray of their trademark carnival glass goblets. I think it soured him on the place so he was never to happy to accommodate my wishes to go.

Years later when my beloved & I were first courting we had our first getaway together at the Madonna Inn. We stayed in the Yosemite Rock room & I was in heaven. Now that you can actually view the rooms on the web you can pick out the most intriguing room. I am still blown away that you can now so easily view the gorgeously garish interiors at the click of a button.

I have lost all my grandparents one by one so going to that area is a bit bitter sweet

When my grandmother Helen passed away & I went with my aunt & mother to clean out her house we spent 3 days going thru 80+ years of memories. At the end of the trip my aunt & mom reluctantly obliged my request to go to the Madonna Inn for drinks. It was the greatest thing we could have done to lift our spirits. There is still an incredible old folks scene there. They have a Ballroom in the back with pink & gold chandeliers & the old folks come dressed in there best duds & dance the night away. I'm talking some dapper ladies & gents. Ball gowns , bedazzled bow ties with matching suspenders- the works. I was tickled pink how my aunt in particular embraced the magic. Next thing I knew we were sending anonymous champagne cocktails & bavarian cream pie to our favorite couples.

My little family & I recently got to visit again courtesy of my generous mom. This time we stayed in the opulent "Voux" room. It was blue bliss. We feasted on pink champagne cake in the divine pink dining room. My son loved all the gold baby cherubs watching us from above. He & I danced to the big band in the ballroom under the rose colored lights. Definitely one of my favorite places on earth. From the gold gilded adornments to the glowing grapes. I'm a huge admirer of this technicolor castle.

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  1. April this is soooo sweet! i love that you wrote this. I've always wanted to go there! I will def stop by one day. Lets have a phone date sometime... xxx



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