Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Symbolic Composition of the Spiritual World

 One evening in 1911 while Augustin Lesage was working in coal mines of  Saint-Pierre-lez-Auchel in northern France he heard a voice underground that told him “Un jour, tu seras peintre” (One day, you will be a painter).

 The spirits told him..
You will be a painter. 
The voices you heard were real.  
 Fear not, and heed our advice.  
You will find it ridiculous in the beginning, but we are the ones tracing through your hand. 
Do not try to understand.

The voices proceeded to tell him which colors and brushes to buy, and where to order a canvas. 
The spirits did not let him evaluate the work in its entirety:  part of the canvas remained rolled as they guided his hand.  
 The composition was built by filling in small areas at a time.  
”It was like working without working,” the artist recalled.

Max Hattler's 1923 aka Heaven
inspired by Lesage's
 A Symbolic Composition of the Spiritual World 


  1. thank you for introducing me to this... so amazing... i've been searching for an image to meditate on and i think i've found it!!

  2. Oh Niky! that makes me so happy. Isn't his work mesmerizing!!



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