Sunday, August 5, 2012

peacock mantis shrimp

This extraordinary beastie is a marvel to see but also has super natural vision
it views the world in 11 or 12 primary colors, as opposed humans who only see 3
 making it possible for them to perceive both polarized light and hyperspectral color vision
Not to mention they possess super strength in their claws, that can break aquarium glass
During mating rituals, mantis shrimp actively fluoresce, and the wavelength of this fluorescence matches the wavelengths detected by their eye pigments. Females are only fertile during certain phases of the tidal cycle; the ability to perceive the phase of the moon may therefore help prevent wasted mating efforts. It may also give mantis shrimp information about the size of the tide, which is important for species living in shallow water near the shore.

mantis shrimp:eyes & behavior


  1. How did you find out about this creature? This is amazing.

  2. Aren't they just incredible!
    My sweet inquisitive son who is 4 leads me to all the world's most fantastical creatures.

  3. INCREDIBLE! The coloring is absolutely beautiful!



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