Tuesday, April 5, 2011

love affair

My loves & I chased a storm down the California coast to catch the tail end of the Zandra Rhodes exhibit at the Mingei Museum.
Well worth cutting thru the dark clouds. It felt like I'd stepped into a dream world. To see all her lovely prints & little delicate details up close was incredible, I was practically drooling all over the chiffon. Some of those frocks looked like they were floating in the air... was beyond inspiring. 



  1. wowza, she is seriously amazing.

  2. oh wow April! <3 i can just see you in the starry chiffon...ugh.. amaaaaaazinggg

  3. Hi
    just came across your blog when i was researching some fabric im selling on ebay by zandra rhodes which is really similar to the kimono picture you posted.... just thought id let you know im selling it... please feel free to ignore if your not interested
    ta x
    ebay uk item no: 300871344255 RARE Zandra Rhodes Hand Screen Printed Lace Fabric
    Collectors item
    measures 120 x 90 cm
    Remnant from her London workshop



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